New signs on eastbound I-90 in Snoqualmie

By Nicole Daniels

If you normally journey on eastbound Interstate 90 among Preston and Snoqualmie, you're perhaps conscious of the common backups close to the State Route 18 off-ramp throughout top commute periods. Although construction to enhance the I-90/SR 18 interchange is scheduled to leap in 2021, we are continuing to enforce low cost improvements to take care of congestion and enhance security within the interim.

Recently, contractor crews from Northeast Electric, LLC put in NULL new lively caution indicators on eastbound I-90 simply west of the SR 18 off-ramp. The first signal is approximately NULL miles earlier than the I-90/SR 18 interchange, and the moment signal is set a mile earlier than the interchange. These indicators could be activated in summer season 2019.
Location of the two new active warning signs on eastbound I-90.

The indicators are wired to automatically activate whilst site visitors forward is slowed or stopped, giving drivers extra time to sluggish down so as to keep away from rear-end collisions.
When activated, the signs will read "stopped traffic ahead," and will have two flashing beacons at the top.

Previous improvements
Like this sign, we have also implemented many different low cost improvements to assist maintain tourists shifting correctly till an more suitable interchange is built. Here's what we have accomplished so far:

Widened the eastbound I-90 off-ramp to SR 18
Changed the proper lanes of eastbound and westbound I-90 to exit-only lanes
Partnered with the City of Snoqualmie to swap the lane configuration on southbound Snoqualmie Parkway - making the proper lane a right-turn-only lane to the westbound I-90 on-ramp
Adjusted the sign timing on the NULL intersections to function the interchange as efficiently as possible
Installed "Thru site visitors maintain left" indicators on equally directions of I-90 previous to the SR 18 interchange to ebook through-traffic to reside within the left NULL lanes and maintain the proper lanes clean for drivers exiting to SR 18 or Snoqualmie Parkway
Installed "No U-turn" indicators on SR 18 on the interchange to restrict U-turns that have brought on congestion for the off-ramp traffic
In spring/summer 2019, we are able to also prolong the "exit only" striping on eastbound I-90 approaching the SR 18 off-ramp.

Upcoming I-90/SR 18 interchange improvements

The I-90/SR 18 interchange improvement venture is one among the larger tasks within the 2015 Connecting Washington transportation package. The Legislature specific $150 million to enforce improvements. At this time, a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) is the superior concept, as we trust this will supply more suitable site visitors circulate and congestion aid for all the movements on the I-90/SR 18 interchange. However, we plan to habits wide network engagement, site visitors and environmental research as an interchange layout is constructed and refined.

Until the more suitable interchange is whole in 2023, we are able to proceed to observe site visitors within the side and make low cost improvements whilst feasible.


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