Weekend-long lane reductions coming to Aurora Bridge

By Tom Pearce
Traffic will reduce to one lane in each direction
while a portion of the Aurora Bridge is repaved
May 31-June 3. The rest of the bridge will be
paved during other weekends.

Ah, one other summer, one other spherical of weekend-long lane reductions in Seattle for repaving. This yr the closures will take area at the State Route 99 George Washington Bridge, aka the Aurora Bridge. It’s edge of a higher preservation challenge that consists of portray the bridge.

Our contract with Liberty Maintenance permits for paving for as much as 10 weekends. These weekends contain around-the-clock lane reductions at the bridge. This leaves only one lane open in every direction. The first lane aid start at 7 p.m. Friday, May 31, and can final till 5 a.m. Monday, June 3. Other weekend lane reductions scheduled to date are:

June 14-17
June 28-July 1
July 12-15
Aug. 9-12, 16-19 and 23-26
Bridge vs. land

Paving a bridge is other than paving on land. When there’s strong floor underneath, we are able to grind off the vintage pavement and go away it floor for a couple of days, then repave it a couple of nights later.

Bridges have layers – the Aurora Bridge has metal beams and stringers aiding the structure, a concrete deck, a layer of waterproofing fabric and an asphalt using surface. The waterproofing fabric is the thinnest edge – only a fraction of an inch – but it’s critical. It protects the concrete deck from water, anything that isn’t imperative on land. So while we take away the material, we desire to update it and repave once possible, therefore weekend-long lane reductions. Sounds simple, right?

Well, no longer exactly. The floor needs to be fully dry 24 hours earlier than we set up the waterproofing or it won’t bond well with the asphalt and concrete. We have a groovy quick video from our westbound US 2 challenge that exhibits what occurs while the fabric is placed down while the floor is wet. It’s no longer good. That ability the work is weather-dependent – if there’s a nice threat of rain within the forecast, our contractor will ought to put off the work.
The bridge needs repaving to eliminate cracks and ruts, and to protect the bridge deck.

Repaving Aurora in Seattle

The bridge paving is only one in every of NULL tasks which will repave SR 99 among Roy Street in downtown Seattle and North 145th Street on the Seattle/Shoreline metropolis limits. While one group works on the bridge, one other will deal with the relaxation of the road on land.

Crews already have achieved paving the southbound part of SR 99 among the Aurora Bridge and Roy Street and are running northbound in that identical edge now. They’ll preserve running north of the bridge during the summer.
Crews already have finished paving the southbound section of SR 99
between the Aurora Bridge and Roy Street and are working northbound
in that same area now. They’ll continue working north of the bridge
throughout the summer.

All of this work facilitates maintain the street and offer a safer journey for travelers. When we repave, the brand new asphalt protects the floor that helps the road. Repaving also eliminates potholes, cracks and ruts the place water can collect, which might scale back traction. Finally, repaving facilitates scale back repairs expenses or the desire for emergency repairs which may want to be a enormous problem for of us who travel.

We recognize it's more durable for of us to get round while we've a fundamental challenge like this. But for a season’s disruptions, those tasks offer years of higher journey conditions. Sounds like a fairly nice trade.


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