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New pavement, sidewalks and culverts, oh my!

By Frances Fedoriska

Forget yellow bricks! This spring, travelers on Mt. Baker Highway (State Route 542) in Whatcom County will follow the freshly-paved road as contractor crews begin working on two  projects to rehabilitate almost 20 miles of highway.

Resurfacing doesn't take a wizard
We didn't have to visit a wizard to make this work happen, we just had to turn to contractor crews! In May, workers from Doolittle Construction will begin resurfacing SR 542 from Britton Road on the east side of Bellingham to Markel Road in Kendall. This 18-mile section is part of a larger multi-county project preserving more than 35 miles on four different highways.

Contractor crews will work at night for the first few phases of the project. Then in July or August, they'll lay down the new oily surface and crushed rock and use the heat of our hot summer days to help it stick to the roadway.

No flying monkeys, but still some delays
Flying monkeys and apple-throwing trees delayed the trip to…

Being tough enough to ask for help

A colleague talks about the emotional toil of work zone crashes, and why we need everyone's help to keep workers and travelers safeBy Barbara LaBoe

David Sacchini is tough.

He's worked on construction and road crews, put out a garage fire at his house and helped save a loved one's life with CPR. He's been hurt on the job. A few days before Christmas in 2017, he was hurt again while working with our bridge maintenance crew on the I-5 Ship Canal Bridge in Seattle. The truck he was in was struck by a drunk driver and pushed 20 feet even though it had its brakes on.

But when Sacchini returned to job after that latest injury, he struggled.

He was anxious being back on the side of a road or bridge and worried about the responsibility for his crew. At times his heart was beating so hard during panic attacks that it felt like it was jumping out of his chest. He was also angry at the drunk driver who was going 120 mph when he struck Sacchini's work truck, putting everyo…